Friday, 21 July 2017

Topshop Stud Heels

Topshop has done it again. For my birthday I wanted to treat myself to some new shoes. I was not sure what type of shoe or style that I wanted. The only thing I did know is that I have been missing a pair of shoes that fall into the heel and sandal category. I wanted something without a huge heel, which I could wear day and night. I have been longing after a pair that fitted into the day time drinking category, or a meal out where you will be wearing them for hours and therefore being comfy is a must.

The shoes which fitted into everything which I wanted was the Morocco stud two-part sandal from Topshop. I am always scared to look on the bottom of Topshop shoes as the prices are either affordable or expensive. I feel like they are either £30 or £60 and more, there is never anything in the middle. Thankfully, the price tag of £32 put a beaming smile on my face. I always size up in Topshop heels as I think they come up quite small. I was wearing these the night I bought them for my birthday night out, so I did not have the breaking in option. I have to say I had zero problems with these, they were so comfy, and I always find the thickness of the heels helps with the comfort factor.

These were not the kind of shoe which I would be naturally be drawn to. I thought the studs were just enough and added the perfect detailing. I usually wear gold details on my heels, but it was nice to mix it up and buy silver for once. It has definitely added some variety to my shoe collection. Whilst finding the link for this post, I found out that they do these in baby pink and boy are they gorgeous. In the Topshop store which I bought the black version from, they had them in grey and they were also beautiful. Topshop has done a fabulous job with these, and I have got so many occasions coming up where I have thought they will be perfect for my outfit. I was also the bad blogger with this post, as I had to take my photos after the night out, I tried my best to keep them nice and looking new, but I don't think I succeeded!

Go grab yourself a pair!



Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The Ordinary 2% Salcylic Acid

About 2 months ago I made my first order from Deciem and ordered The Ordinary 2% Salcylic Acid which to my surprised costs just £3.90 for 15ml. If you are a beauty junkie you will of been hearing about The Ordinary left, right and centre as since it arrived on the scene their has been huge hype surrounding it. If you have not heard of them, like where you been. The brand is owned by Deciem, and they have focused on having products which have targeted purposes, with simple packaging and no fancy branding.

In order to get the facts write on exactly the what salcylic acid is I did a little research from where I bought the product from. It is a beta hydroxyl acid in a solution which purposes is to exfoliate the walls of the pores within the skin. This also contains witch hazel which is commonly used in acne treatments, as it helps creates clearer skin and reduce the look of blemishes by exfoliating the inside of the cell walls of the pores.

So did the product work. I would say yes. Now I am on treatment for my acne which includes a face wash which I have been using for about 6 months, which I think has done nothing. I use the product every morning after applying my moisturiser, and I have currently used approximately half of the bottle. I think it has definitely contributed in terms of reducing my angry blemishes and reducing redness. I feel as though I have not had major clusters of spots, which would usually take a good few weeks to calm down, and this has helped reduce the timing to a few days. I was never expecting it to be some sort of miracle product, but it is the first product which I have used in a while targeted for acne where I have seen some kind of results.

I like the design of the bottle, it is small and travel friendly. I also like the peppet which comes with it, as you are able to control how much product you are using without wasting any. I have also been putting to the test the primer and foundation, so expect review posts on those products in the near future.



Sunday, 16 July 2017

Primark Nails

A few weeks ago whilst shopping in Newcastle with my friends we went into the huge Primark in the Metrocentre, their beauty section was brilliant and had a such a great variety of products. We all decided to pick up the new nude stiletto nails for £1, and decided we would have a bit of a pamper that night. We were all so surprised at how easy they were to put on, they come with numbers as most false nails do. I found there was a lot of variety as I have small fingernails and they fitted well. We all felt fabulous, and we all just kept saying to each other I can not believe they were £1!

Since then, when I go into any Primark I have been checking out their range of nails and I have been so surprised at the variety of shapes and colours available even in the smaller stores. I picked up another pack off the new nudes to wear for my weekend in London which you can read all about here. The first thing which I have been impressed with is how long they last. I have not worn false nails in years as they usually just break off very easily, and then you are continuously trying to stick them back on. Heads up, the glue that comes in the pack is good, however Primark sell a two pack of glue for 60p and I highly recommend picking up this glue as it is great.

For my birthday last week I decided to get a little more adventurous and put on the nails you can see in picture one, I can not for the life of my remember the name of these but I am definitely picking up another pack. They are silver holographic with silver gems on, I thought that they were are a little over the top. However, I loved them once they were on. All of my friends literally asked me where I had my nails done, as they thought I'd had them done professionally. The jewel nail range are £3, which I still think is an absolute bargain considering the price of other false nails, and having these nails done in a salon would cost you easily £20. I wore these for 5 days and not one came one!

With my job unfortunately I can't wear anything on my nails and I felt as though I had kind of neglected them as I had not even painted them in months. Since discovering these nails, it has made me feel girly and a little bit glam again. As you can see when I went to the big Manchester store I picked up the nails which I wore for my birthday as well as the other colours and styles which you can see in the picture. I've got a little stock in my beauty drawers as I have got a few exciting weekend events coming up and I will definitely be wearing them. I am going to have to decide which ones to wear on my holidays now. I was originally going to have my nails done at the salon for my two week holiday to Italy in August, but I am struggling with the logistics of being able to have them put on and taken off around when I am in work. I think I might just buy two packs of nails incase any do come off with the chlorine and then I have spares.

As you can see I am a big fan of these and I have been wanting to get this post up as soon as I could, are they are great for festivals and holidays. I think Primark beauty can definitely be hit and miss, but honestly I can not recommend their false nail range enough!



Friday, 14 July 2017


Me and my friend Lauren got an early morning train from Manchester to Euston, ready for a weekend in London. We were so excited to go and we had planned this trip earlier in the year. Once off the train and having met our friend Rach, we decided to head to Camden Lock market as it was only a few stops on the tube. I have heard so much about it, and it was as bustling as I expected. You will notice a theme in the post the weekend the pretty much revolved around good food and drink. We started off by heading to the halloumi fries stall which was incredibly busy, and they have definitely found a niche in the market. They were incredible and came with all different kind of extras and sauces which you could choose from. We then went for a wander round and found an amazing churros and dips stand which was delightful.

We then went to Proud which was rooftop garden restaurant in Camden. The weather was delightful and we drank cocktails, and just had a good catch up. We then went back to Rach's house where we was staying, to drop our bags off and freshen up. That night we headed to Hawker House in Canada Water which was great, it cost £3 to get in.  They had an event called Street Feast on that weekend. It was great we had very tasty jerk chicken burgers, and rose wine slushes which tasted incredible. They had music playing, and there was an outdoor and indoor section. It had a great atmosphere, and there was a variety of food and drink stalls to choose from.

The main event of the trip was going to the Barclaycard British Summer Time concert on the Sunday. None of us had ever been to this festival before, which takes place in Hyde Park over a two week period and features different headliners and other artists. We were not really sure what expect but it was built up amazingly with lots of bars, food stalls and game activities. Before we went to the festival we went to B&H Buildings for a bottomless bellini brunch. I wrote an entire post on how great it was, which you can read all about here. It was such a great place and we went to have food and a few drinks before heading to Hyde Park.

We got to Hyde Park at about 3pm, there was acts on throughout the day across three different stages. We were actually really surprised at how much variety of food and drink was on offer. As with all festivals the drinks were expensive, but the food was actually well priced. We took part in a cocktail mojito masterclass for free at Barcadi's makeshift bar, which was lots of fun. We wanted to try a variety of food which was available. As you can see from one of the pictures, we all wanted the chips and cheese. However, the mac n cheese stall was next to us and we decided to get a portion to share and it was so nice! The main headliner of the show was Justin Bieber, I have seen him a few times now. He was good, but the set up of the stage wasn't the best it was very low so we struggled to see him. 

On the last day we decided to hit the shops. We headed to the Topshop at Oxford Circus which is the daddy of all Topshop's. It is gigantic, on the first floor it is full of just concession accessories, which is amazing. We spent an hour looking round. We then went to Urban Outfitters, Liberty and & Other Stories. Being a classic blogger, I had seen so many people posting photos of Ben's Cookies and they always looked so tasty. I went and bought a box full to take home for treats for my parents and sister, and oh my, they are honestly the tastiest cookies I have ever eaten. They are super soft and have huge pieces of melted chocolate in them. I think I am going to have to ask my best friend Rach to bring them home for me on a regular basis. Before we got to train home we went for some dinner in Cookhouse Joe's, a burger joint which was not too far from Oxford Circus. I had this chicken wrap and chips. It was okay, nothing special.

All in all, I had an amazing weekend. What can be better than shopping, drinking, Justin Bieber, best friends and London! We are already excited to book to go down again for Winter Wonderland at the end of November.



Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The roundup for June

June was great, and with it came finally the start of summer and surprisingly lots of sunshine. It was a great month I finally had some weekends off work, after working a backlog of them none stop. I had lots to look forward to. I had made lots of exciting plans at the start of the year and basically they all fall within about 8 weeks of each other from June to August.

It all kicked off with a cocktail masterclass at Revolution de Cuba in Manchester, with the girls from work. Last year I went on a hen do in Newcastle and we went on a cocktail masterclass and it was so much fun. This was such a lovely day out, the sun was shining and we actually all got to dress up instead of the nursing scrubs which we spend half of our lives in. We were allocated a bar downstairs and we were shown how to make mojitos, daiquiris and the deadly zombies. It was so much fun and it was great to actually find out what goes into the drinks, and getting to make them ourselves. It included drinking games where we were in teams.

Last month I mentioned that I went to see Take That for my mum's birthday. However, the lovely team at Live Nation donated 50 tickets to the A&E department which I work in for all of our hard work, but a special thank you to the team for working when the Manchester Arena bombings took place. It just fell that I was off that day, and what a fabulous night it was.

The best part of the month was definitely going on a road trip to Newcastle. It was a very sunny weekend, and I love Newcastle as a city so I was so excited to visit again as it had been well over a year since my last visit. My friend Ella has moved there to live with her boyfriend, and it was so exciting to visit and see her house. We had planned a big night out, and it did not disappoint. I always say that Newcastle is such a great night out. The next day I was the definition of dying. We had a big day planned of shopping, which didn't really happen. We did however make it to the Metrocentre at 5pm to have the biggest plate of Nando's which I have ever ordered.

I have so much to look forward to in July, I cannot wait! At the end of the month I am heading to Barcalona, so if anyone has any travel posts please leave links in the comments.



Sunday, 9 July 2017

Bottomless bellini brunch

Whilst in London we visited such an amazing hidden gems in this depths of Clerkenwell called B&H Buildings. My best friend had told us she had found this place which does bottomless bellini brunch. Those three words sold it to me instantly. I did not know what to expect but she did a fabulous job, as we had such a great few hours there.

As we were heading to the British Summer Time festival at Hyde Park which started at 1pm and it was an all day event, we wanted to make sure we filled our bellies. It was not cheap but we didn't expect it be. I felt as though it was the perfect venue for Made in Chelsea to film at. It was very fancy! I had the B&H breakfast, which was delicious. The hash brown was a particular highlight and there was the perfect amount of food on my plate. The other girls said that their food was equally as yummy as mine.

Now, the bottomless bellini works by you paying £18 for 2 glasses of peach bellini. After that, you then get as many glasses for free as you desire. You have a one and a half hour time limit on the bellinis, which is fair enough as I can imagine people would otherwise just sit there for hours on end. We had 5 glasses each, and it was a really enjoyable, refreshing bellini. The waiting staff were very on the ball, and came around and provided you with another glass whenever your glass was empty. 

All in all, I had such a great few hours in this restaurant. The decor was beautiful, it was all bright, white and marble. I would highly suggest visiting B&H Buildings if you are wanting to celebrate a special occasion or you fancy treating yourself and family/friends to a lovely day out. We have already said how we are going to find somewhere which has a similar concept back in Manchester and take our other friends.

Now who's off for bottomless bellinis?


Friday, 7 July 2017

Happy birthday to me - turning 23.

Today I turned 23 and last night I have a little bit of a sudden realisation, along the lines of crap your going to be 23. I know, I know, its not old, but to me I feel like I was only turning 18 5 minutes ago when in reality it was 5 years ago. But then I started to think about everything which I have done in the last 5 years. I was thinking of everything which has happened, the memories I have created, and what I have achieved. I think time flies by and we forget about so many things.

I am definitely one of those who lives for the future rather than the past. I love making memories, but having exciting plans makes me feel very fulfilled. During last nights mini breakdown, I was thinking 23 is the age that you have your sh*t together, and I really don't. I tweeted exactly how I was feeling, and I had so many lovely responses from people ageing from 25-35. Every single person said that they felt that they definitely did not have their sh*t together and wasn't sure if they ever would!

Now I don't know how we measure or judge what we actually classify as having your sh*t together as. Is it being wealthy, having a house, in a stable relationship, a good job, being married, children? I think I was feeling a little like this as when I was about 15 we all had this idea of what we wanted by 25 and by 30. I think by 25 I wanted a house and a boyfriend, and by 30 I wanted to be married with a baby. If life was only this simple right? I still have time for all of those (well 2 years for some!), but there's time. Maybe because I am a person who thinks about exciting things in the future, I have become focused on what I want to achieve and I am not actually living in the moment.

My mum says its because I have friends who are engaged, getting married this year, have houses with partners, and I have none of this. Should we measure life being complete by being in a nice, stable relationship. I think its 2017, and things have changed. I don't want to get into a relationship just because. I want to do it because its right, I want it to be spontaneous and because I want to. My mum was 23 when she got married, but she always says when you know, you know. To be fair, I love doing my own thing so much currently it would have to be someone fairly special.

I definitely do not class as having your life together as any of the above, the more I think about it I haven't got a clue what I would put into the category. There definitely isn't a clear definition. Everyone has different opinions and interpretations, and we should definitely think of our own goals and not compare ourselves to others.

So here is to being 23. In the grand scheme of things, maybe I do have my sh*t together. I have my own goals of want to achieve this year. We can be too hard on ourselves, and sometimes we have to tell ourselves actually we are doing pretty alright. I think we should all encourage ourselves and others, to think of all the things which are great in life. I will start - for me: I have great family, lovely friends, a roof over my head, a job I love and I am happy. Go make yourself a list, and come back and tell me Lucy I have my sh*t together!

I am so excited to see what this next year brings. Being 23 sounds alright actually!

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