Friday, 21 July 2017

Topshop Stud Heels

Topshop has done it again. For my birthday I wanted to treat myself to some new shoes. I was not sure what type of shoe or style that I wanted. The only thing I did know is that I have been missing a pair of shoes that fall into the heel and sandal category. I wanted something without a huge heel, which I could wear day and night. I have been longing after a pair that fitted into the day time drinking category, or a meal out where you will be wearing them for hours and therefore being comfy is a must.

The shoes which fitted into everything which I wanted was the Morocco stud two-part sandal from Topshop. I am always scared to look on the bottom of Topshop shoes as the prices are either affordable or expensive. I feel like they are either £30 or £60 and more, there is never anything in the middle. Thankfully, the price tag of £32 put a beaming smile on my face. I always size up in Topshop heels as I think they come up quite small. I was wearing these the night I bought them for my birthday night out, so I did not have the breaking in option. I have to say I had zero problems with these, they were so comfy, and I always find the thickness of the heels helps with the comfort factor.

These were not the kind of shoe which I would be naturally be drawn to. I thought the studs were just enough and added the perfect detailing. I usually wear gold details on my heels, but it was nice to mix it up and buy silver for once. It has definitely added some variety to my shoe collection. Whilst finding the link for this post, I found out that they do these in baby pink and boy are they gorgeous. In the Topshop store which I bought the black version from, they had them in grey and they were also beautiful. Topshop has done a fabulous job with these, and I have got so many occasions coming up where I have thought they will be perfect for my outfit. I was also the bad blogger with this post, as I had to take my photos after the night out, I tried my best to keep them nice and looking new, but I don't think I succeeded!

Go grab yourself a pair!



Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The Ordinary 2% Salcylic Acid

About 2 months ago I made my first order from Deciem and ordered The Ordinary 2% Salcylic Acid which to my surprised costs just £3.90 for 15ml. If you are a beauty junkie you will of been hearing about The Ordinary left, right and centre as since it arrived on the scene their has been huge hype surrounding it. If you have not heard of them, like where you been. The brand is owned by Deciem, and they have focused on having products which have targeted purposes, with simple packaging and no fancy branding.

In order to get the facts write on exactly the what salcylic acid is I did a little research from where I bought the product from. It is a beta hydroxyl acid in a solution which purposes is to exfoliate the walls of the pores within the skin. This also contains witch hazel which is commonly used in acne treatments, as it helps creates clearer skin and reduce the look of blemishes by exfoliating the inside of the cell walls of the pores.

So did the product work. I would say yes. Now I am on treatment for my acne which includes a face wash which I have been using for about 6 months, which I think has done nothing. I use the product every morning after applying my moisturiser, and I have currently used approximately half of the bottle. I think it has definitely contributed in terms of reducing my angry blemishes and reducing redness. I feel as though I have not had major clusters of spots, which would usually take a good few weeks to calm down, and this has helped reduce the timing to a few days. I was never expecting it to be some sort of miracle product, but it is the first product which I have used in a while targeted for acne where I have seen some kind of results.

I like the design of the bottle, it is small and travel friendly. I also like the peppet which comes with it, as you are able to control how much product you are using without wasting any. I have also been putting to the test the primer and foundation, so expect review posts on those products in the near future.



Sunday, 16 July 2017

Primark Nails

A few weeks ago whilst shopping in Newcastle with my friends we went into the huge Primark in the Metrocentre, their beauty section was brilliant and had a such a great variety of products. We all decided to pick up the new nude stiletto nails for £1, and decided we would have a bit of a pamper that night. We were all so surprised at how easy they were to put on, they come with numbers as most false nails do. I found there was a lot of variety as I have small fingernails and they fitted well. We all felt fabulous, and we all just kept saying to each other I can not believe they were £1!

Since then, when I go into any Primark I have been checking out their range of nails and I have been so surprised at the variety of shapes and colours available even in the smaller stores. I picked up another pack off the new nudes to wear for my weekend in London which you can read all about here. The first thing which I have been impressed with is how long they last. I have not worn false nails in years as they usually just break off very easily, and then you are continuously trying to stick them back on. Heads up, the glue that comes in the pack is good, however Primark sell a two pack of glue for 60p and I highly recommend picking up this glue as it is great.

For my birthday last week I decided to get a little more adventurous and put on the nails you can see in picture one, I can not for the life of my remember the name of these but I am definitely picking up another pack. They are silver holographic with silver gems on, I thought that they were are a little over the top. However, I loved them once they were on. All of my friends literally asked me where I had my nails done, as they thought I'd had them done professionally. The jewel nail range are £3, which I still think is an absolute bargain considering the price of other false nails, and having these nails done in a salon would cost you easily £20. I wore these for 5 days and not one came one!

With my job unfortunately I can't wear anything on my nails and I felt as though I had kind of neglected them as I had not even painted them in months. Since discovering these nails, it has made me feel girly and a little bit glam again. As you can see when I went to the big Manchester store I picked up the nails which I wore for my birthday as well as the other colours and styles which you can see in the picture. I've got a little stock in my beauty drawers as I have got a few exciting weekend events coming up and I will definitely be wearing them. I am going to have to decide which ones to wear on my holidays now. I was originally going to have my nails done at the salon for my two week holiday to Italy in August, but I am struggling with the logistics of being able to have them put on and taken off around when I am in work. I think I might just buy two packs of nails incase any do come off with the chlorine and then I have spares.

As you can see I am a big fan of these and I have been wanting to get this post up as soon as I could, are they are great for festivals and holidays. I think Primark beauty can definitely be hit and miss, but honestly I can not recommend their false nail range enough!



Friday, 14 July 2017


Me and my friend Lauren got an early morning train from Manchester to Euston, ready for a weekend in London. We were so excited to go and we had planned this trip earlier in the year. Once off the train and having met our friend Rach, we decided to head to Camden Lock market as it was only a few stops on the tube. I have heard so much about it, and it was as bustling as I expected. You will notice a theme in the post the weekend the pretty much revolved around good food and drink. We started off by heading to the halloumi fries stall which was incredibly busy, and they have definitely found a niche in the market. They were incredible and came with all different kind of extras and sauces which you could choose from. We then went for a wander round and found an amazing churros and dips stand which was delightful.

We then went to Proud which was rooftop garden restaurant in Camden. The weather was delightful and we drank cocktails, and just had a good catch up. We then went back to Rach's house where we was staying, to drop our bags off and freshen up. That night we headed to Hawker House in Canada Water which was great, it cost £3 to get in.  They had an event called Street Feast on that weekend. It was great we had very tasty jerk chicken burgers, and rose wine slushes which tasted incredible. They had music playing, and there was an outdoor and indoor section. It had a great atmosphere, and there was a variety of food and drink stalls to choose from.

The main event of the trip was going to the Barclaycard British Summer Time concert on the Sunday. None of us had ever been to this festival before, which takes place in Hyde Park over a two week period and features different headliners and other artists. We were not really sure what expect but it was built up amazingly with lots of bars, food stalls and game activities. Before we went to the festival we went to B&H Buildings for a bottomless bellini brunch. I wrote an entire post on how great it was, which you can read all about here. It was such a great place and we went to have food and a few drinks before heading to Hyde Park.

We got to Hyde Park at about 3pm, there was acts on throughout the day across three different stages. We were actually really surprised at how much variety of food and drink was on offer. As with all festivals the drinks were expensive, but the food was actually well priced. We took part in a cocktail mojito masterclass for free at Barcadi's makeshift bar, which was lots of fun. We wanted to try a variety of food which was available. As you can see from one of the pictures, we all wanted the chips and cheese. However, the mac n cheese stall was next to us and we decided to get a portion to share and it was so nice! The main headliner of the show was Justin Bieber, I have seen him a few times now. He was good, but the set up of the stage wasn't the best it was very low so we struggled to see him. 

On the last day we decided to hit the shops. We headed to the Topshop at Oxford Circus which is the daddy of all Topshop's. It is gigantic, on the first floor it is full of just concession accessories, which is amazing. We spent an hour looking round. We then went to Urban Outfitters, Liberty and & Other Stories. Being a classic blogger, I had seen so many people posting photos of Ben's Cookies and they always looked so tasty. I went and bought a box full to take home for treats for my parents and sister, and oh my, they are honestly the tastiest cookies I have ever eaten. They are super soft and have huge pieces of melted chocolate in them. I think I am going to have to ask my best friend Rach to bring them home for me on a regular basis. Before we got to train home we went for some dinner in Cookhouse Joe's, a burger joint which was not too far from Oxford Circus. I had this chicken wrap and chips. It was okay, nothing special.

All in all, I had an amazing weekend. What can be better than shopping, drinking, Justin Bieber, best friends and London! We are already excited to book to go down again for Winter Wonderland at the end of November.



Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The roundup for June

June was great, and with it came finally the start of summer and surprisingly lots of sunshine. It was a great month I finally had some weekends off work, after working a backlog of them none stop. I had lots to look forward to. I had made lots of exciting plans at the start of the year and basically they all fall within about 8 weeks of each other from June to August.

It all kicked off with a cocktail masterclass at Revolution de Cuba in Manchester, with the girls from work. Last year I went on a hen do in Newcastle and we went on a cocktail masterclass and it was so much fun. This was such a lovely day out, the sun was shining and we actually all got to dress up instead of the nursing scrubs which we spend half of our lives in. We were allocated a bar downstairs and we were shown how to make mojitos, daiquiris and the deadly zombies. It was so much fun and it was great to actually find out what goes into the drinks, and getting to make them ourselves. It included drinking games where we were in teams.

Last month I mentioned that I went to see Take That for my mum's birthday. However, the lovely team at Live Nation donated 50 tickets to the A&E department which I work in for all of our hard work, but a special thank you to the team for working when the Manchester Arena bombings took place. It just fell that I was off that day, and what a fabulous night it was.

The best part of the month was definitely going on a road trip to Newcastle. It was a very sunny weekend, and I love Newcastle as a city so I was so excited to visit again as it had been well over a year since my last visit. My friend Ella has moved there to live with her boyfriend, and it was so exciting to visit and see her house. We had planned a big night out, and it did not disappoint. I always say that Newcastle is such a great night out. The next day I was the definition of dying. We had a big day planned of shopping, which didn't really happen. We did however make it to the Metrocentre at 5pm to have the biggest plate of Nando's which I have ever ordered.

I have so much to look forward to in July, I cannot wait! At the end of the month I am heading to Barcalona, so if anyone has any travel posts please leave links in the comments.



Sunday, 9 July 2017

Bottomless bellini brunch

Whilst in London we visited such an amazing hidden gems in this depths of Clerkenwell called B&H Buildings. My best friend had told us she had found this place which does bottomless bellini brunch. Those three words sold it to me instantly. I did not know what to expect but she did a fabulous job, as we had such a great few hours there.

As we were heading to the British Summer Time festival at Hyde Park which started at 1pm and it was an all day event, we wanted to make sure we filled our bellies. It was not cheap but we didn't expect it be. I felt as though it was the perfect venue for Made in Chelsea to film at. It was very fancy! I had the B&H breakfast, which was delicious. The hash brown was a particular highlight and there was the perfect amount of food on my plate. The other girls said that their food was equally as yummy as mine.

Now, the bottomless bellini works by you paying £18 for 2 glasses of peach bellini. After that, you then get as many glasses for free as you desire. You have a one and a half hour time limit on the bellinis, which is fair enough as I can imagine people would otherwise just sit there for hours on end. We had 5 glasses each, and it was a really enjoyable, refreshing bellini. The waiting staff were very on the ball, and came around and provided you with another glass whenever your glass was empty. 

All in all, I had such a great few hours in this restaurant. The decor was beautiful, it was all bright, white and marble. I would highly suggest visiting B&H Buildings if you are wanting to celebrate a special occasion or you fancy treating yourself and family/friends to a lovely day out. We have already said how we are going to find somewhere which has a similar concept back in Manchester and take our other friends.

Now who's off for bottomless bellinis?


Friday, 7 July 2017

Happy birthday to me - turning 23.

Today I turned 23 and last night I have a little bit of a sudden realisation, along the lines of crap your going to be 23. I know, I know, its not old, but to me I feel like I was only turning 18 5 minutes ago when in reality it was 5 years ago. But then I started to think about everything which I have done in the last 5 years. I was thinking of everything which has happened, the memories I have created, and what I have achieved. I think time flies by and we forget about so many things.

I am definitely one of those who lives for the future rather than the past. I love making memories, but having exciting plans makes me feel very fulfilled. During last nights mini breakdown, I was thinking 23 is the age that you have your sh*t together, and I really don't. I tweeted exactly how I was feeling, and I had so many lovely responses from people ageing from 25-35. Every single person said that they felt that they definitely did not have their sh*t together and wasn't sure if they ever would!

Now I don't know how we measure or judge what we actually classify as having your sh*t together as. Is it being wealthy, having a house, in a stable relationship, a good job, being married, children? I think I was feeling a little like this as when I was about 15 we all had this idea of what we wanted by 25 and by 30. I think by 25 I wanted a house and a boyfriend, and by 30 I wanted to be married with a baby. If life was only this simple right? I still have time for all of those (well 2 years for some!), but there's time. Maybe because I am a person who thinks about exciting things in the future, I have become focused on what I want to achieve and I am not actually living in the moment.

My mum says its because I have friends who are engaged, getting married this year, have houses with partners, and I have none of this. Should we measure life being complete by being in a nice, stable relationship. I think its 2017, and things have changed. I don't want to get into a relationship just because. I want to do it because its right, I want it to be spontaneous and because I want to. My mum was 23 when she got married, but she always says when you know, you know. To be fair, I love doing my own thing so much currently it would have to be someone fairly special.

I definitely do not class as having your life together as any of the above, the more I think about it I haven't got a clue what I would put into the category. There definitely isn't a clear definition. Everyone has different opinions and interpretations, and we should definitely think of our own goals and not compare ourselves to others.

So here is to being 23. In the grand scheme of things, maybe I do have my sh*t together. I have my own goals of want to achieve this year. We can be too hard on ourselves, and sometimes we have to tell ourselves actually we are doing pretty alright. I think we should all encourage ourselves and others, to think of all the things which are great in life. I will start - for me: I have great family, lovely friends, a roof over my head, a job I love and I am happy. Go make yourself a list, and come back and tell me Lucy I have my sh*t together!

I am so excited to see what this next year brings. Being 23 sounds alright actually!


Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Zoeva Palettes

I was so lucky that within one month I won two blogger competitions both being Zoeva palettes.

I had been wanting to try products from Zoeva for ages, but never quite took the plunge to buy anything. This was mainly due to not being quite sure what we the best pieces from the brand. I had heard a lot of good reviews about their palettes, meaning I was super excited that I had not one, but two to put to the test. 

The first is the Cocoa Blend palette which when I opened, my eye literally lit up as the shades are all right up my alley. I love a good shimmery shade and this contains five, with 5 matte shades complementing them beautifully. I have to say I love the shade warm notes as it is a stunning dark rose shimmer (top middle) which looks gorgeous on the eye. I tend to use this on its own as I don't think it needs anything else with it. In the matte shades I have found myself reaching for substitute for love (bottom second) and freshly toasted (bottom middle) as they are both brown toned shades. Freshly toasted reminds me of  Makeup Geek's cocoa bear, as it is such a useful shade to have as you can blend it with so many other shades. I think Zoeva have done brilliantly with this palette, and there is a really great variety in shades. However, I don't think there is a need for a shimmer black and matte black. I would have liked them to have added in a deeper, dark chocolate brown.

The second palette is their matte palette. The stand out shades are cheap bar (top 4th), which is a burnt orange toned brown which I have been loving using. This looks beautiful blended into the crease, the works really well with both urban culture and eeirly empty (bottom and top 2nd) which are both lighter toned browns. The bright orange shade through the window is gorgeous, and it adds some real vibrancy to the palette. This shade in particular has great pigmentation and is a stand out shade. I think this palette would benefit from having a pink toned shade, rather than having both a white - highthawks (top 1st) and a cream - across the street (bottom 1st). I have enjoyed having an all matte palette within my collection, and it has allowed me to be a little more versatile as I a bit of a magpie when it comes glittery shades.

Overall, the pigmentation in all of the shades in both of the palettes are good. I have not come across any particular dud shades, which have been patchy or uneven. But, some of the lighter matte shades, when I have swatched them I would have liked them to have a been a more pigmented as you need two or three applications to get the colour to really shine through. However, for £18 these palettes are brilliant value, and I will definitely be purchasing from Zoeva again.


Sunday, 2 July 2017

Gucci Marmont Purse

I am finally revealing my first ever Gucci purchase and boy am I excited. A few weeks ago, I took the plunge and literally bought the purse of my dreams. As corny as it sounds, I fell head over heels with everything about it. I first saw it around January time and for a good 4 months, every time I went into Selfridges I would long fully stare at it. This was my first big treat to myself since qualifying last September. If you have read my blog for a while, you will know it takes a lot for my to part with my cash, as big purchases are something I have to think long and hard about and I definitely did with this.

The purse in all of its glory to me speaks for itself. I love it. It is called the Gucci marmont leather french flap wallet and costs £300. Pink has been my absolute favourite colour since a child, and has been ever since. For weeks I was trying to convince myself to get the black, as it is a more functional and versatile colour. However, I came to the conclusion if I was spending such a vast amount of money, I wanted it to be my perfect purse so I simply had to go with my heart and that was with choosing the pink. I wanted a purse that was smaller than what I have at the moment, but would fit it all my coins, notes and cards in with ease and without having to seriously having to downsize the contents. Inside there is plenty of room for cards, there is a notes slot, and at the front of the purse is a section with a snap closure for coins. I love the classic GG design on the front, it is why I went for this exact style. The gold hardware complements the pink beautifully. It is nothing to big or in your face, and that is exactly what I intended to buy.

I have loved the entire Gucci Marmont collection, and some of their bags are simply stunning. You have to be realistic though, and I know I will get my moneys worth out of this purse. I seriously struggled to get my hands on this, and the sales assistant in Selfridge's told me the entire collection has been a huge hit, and they only get a few of each product in. I ordered this from Gucci online and I was super happy with the service. When it arrived I was so smiley, and as silly as it sounds I felt a little overwhelmed. I felt as though I had really worked hard for it, and this was just a little present to myself.

I love this, will treasure it, and will definitely take good care of it. As you can probably tell I am treating this purse as my baby!



Friday, 30 June 2017

Superdrug Solait Tan

It is that time of the year where summer is just around the corner, meaning the sunny weather is hopefully not far behind. When we had the little short-lived heatwave a few weekends ago, it coincided with a trip to Newcastle with my friends. The weather was scorching, and for the first time in months I decided it was time to get the fake tan out. I decided to put Superdrug's Solait's mousse express dark tan* to the test.

The instructions state to exfoliate the skin in the shower, and then apply the mousse to the skin. You then leave it on between 1-3 hours depending on how dark you want the tan, as the longer you leave it on the more it will develop. I left it on for about one and a half hours and then washed it off. I was left with a subtle tan, which was surprisingly even. I was a little dubious regarding the "dark" element of the tan, as I am fair skinned. That night before going out I wanted the tan to be a little darker so I then added another layer. I was super happy with how it applied over the top, and I used the mitt which I always do to try and get as equal coverage as possible. I was actually really happy with the tan and my friends also commented on how it was nice and not "too orange".

In the morning I reshowered and I could tell that a little bit of the tan had come off with the water contact. However, I think that this was actually a great move as the tan had settled and I was left with a natural looking tan which was not too over the top. It was not patchy or uneven and I was once again pleasantly surprised. I have had so many bad experiences with fake tan, with it being too dark, too orange, or it being patchy and blotchy. My friends asked me what I had used, as they thought it looked really lovely and natural.

I did not reapply the tan for about 3 days, but showered in between and I once again found that the tan did not just wash off, it stayed on and I had a glowing subtle tan. It is my birthday next weekend and I am definitely going to use this again. I am going to apply it the night before I am going out, and leave it on for the full 3 hours and see what a real difference it makes to the intensity. Fingers crossed it will be as good as my first experience. For £4.99, I think this new range of fake tan from Superdrug is a really great buy. It you prefer lotions or wash off tans they have quite a extensive collection of different types of tans in this range to suit person preferences.


*PR sample


Wednesday, 28 June 2017

June Favourites

I only realised when I came to write this month's post, that everything is very much budget friendly. I love to find high street products which turn out to be my everyday, go to favourites products. For the first time in a while I did not have to think about what has been my favourites, as everything featured in this post has had firm place in the top drawer of my beauty drawers.

I have featured Colourpop products many, many times over here on my blog. I think they are one of the best budget brands around, but I just wish it was a little bit easier to get hold of. This super shock shadow in muse has a metallic finish, which is my favourite finish as it blends really well avoiding creasing, it also never looks chunky and heavy. This colour is a beautiful red toned rose which looks gorgeous on the eyes.  For $5 if you are going to make a Colourpop order, I highly recommend you picking a few items up from their super shock shadow line.

The Seventeen stay time concealer has been a favourite of mine for a good few months now. It is a brilliant under eye concealer which does not crease, and it does have a great time limit before it starts to budge. It definitely brightens and blends well into the skin. If you are wanting a new concealer, I highly recommend this. I actually think that this is definitely as good, if not better than the must have collection concealer.

The Ordinary salicylic acid 2% solution has been a best seller since the brand landed on the scene. Salicylic acid is an ingredient known to exfoliate pores to help fight against blemishes and helps clear the skin. This product would generally be very expensive due to its ingredients, but The Ordinary have paved the way for creating products which have the best ingredients to target particular skincare issues, without the fancy packaging or brand name. This costs just £3.90, I have found that it has reduced the size of some of my blemishes taking away the redness and swelling.

I recently wrote an entire blog post dedicated to L'Oreal's new hydra genius moisturiser, which you can read all about here. I really, really, like this, and I do not say that often about many skincare products. It is light and refreshing on the skin when first applied. It adds instant hydration to the skin and it has thin, fluid consistency. Perfect for the hotter months when you want fresh and hydrated skin.

What have you been loving in June?


Sunday, 25 June 2017

MAC's perfect duo

Since I re organised my room and bought my beauty desk, I have been loving having my makeup all in one place and accessible. During this moving process, I found my MAC blush in the shade stereo rose. In 2013, it was a must have product amongst many bloggers. It was a cult classic in many peoples eye, and they took it off sale as it was a limited edition product. A year or so later in 2014, they re-released it and that was when I finally got my hands on it. I was so happy when it came and I truly loved this blush, I used it everyday for months. It was also the first marble effect product I owned, way before Hourglass was on the scene. Anyway, somewhere, somehow, it got lost and I faced the fact it was long gone. I was so happy when we were reunited and it literally has not left my face for the last 6 weeks. It has perfect coral tones running through it with a hint of  golden shimmer adding glow to my my cheeks. It is heavenly. I can't put my finger on what makes this so unique, but I own nothing like this. It is far from your average blush. 

I have talked quite a lot about the MAC highlighter in beaming blush as it is simply beautiful. It is the perfect partner to go with the blush as this also has pinky undertones to it. The combination of my cheekbones is stunning, and my friends always complement me when I wear the highlighter as it adds so much light and glow to my entire face. I think sometimes I may look a little disco ball esque, when I get carried away. I do not blog about cheek products often as I have not come across many which are standout products which I feel people need to know about. I am sorry to say the blush is limited edition and is currently not available, but the highlighter is and I highly recommend picking it up. 



Friday, 23 June 2017

LA Girl Foundation

I bought the LA Girl Pro coverage foundation a few months ago, and I have definitely put it through it paces. I have worn this during the day, at work for 13 hours, and on nights out.

Firstly, I really struggled even with the help from mr. google to find the right shade for my skin tone. I ended up choosing fair and it is definitely a shade or two too dark for my skin. There is definitely a lack of variety within their shade range, there is a total of 11. It is often the case that there is a lack of selection in the darker, deeper skin tones, whereas with this line their is only the shades fair and porcelain to represent the fairer and lighter colourings. There is no shades that cater to particular undertones which was frustrating as I have a pink undertone to my skin.

In terms of coverage this is a full coverage foundation, which I what I was wanting. It is hydrating, which is what I am always looking for as my skin is very dry. I do find that fluid foundations as a whole work better with drier skin. I have found that if you are not careful it can look a little cakey on your face, it definitely needs a really good blend into the skin. In terms of wear, this wears well for a good number of hours which I was happy about. I would compare this to MAC studio fix, but half the price.

This was my first introduction to LA Girl, and from what I have experienced I am impressed. For £11 it is a good value foundation which provides coverage and longevity. I am not sure if I would repurchase this, just as there are so many other great foundations available for me to try, and it takes a lot for me to repurchase a product. For example, Nars sheer glow is my holy grail because for me there is nothing better which I have tried which ticks all the boxes like this does. The foundation search continues..

Have you tried any products from LA Girl?


Friday, 16 June 2017

L'Oreal Hydra Genius

I saw this new L'Oreal Hydra Genius aloe water sitting on the shelves of Boots, and instantly picked it up.  I bought this at least over a month ago and I have been using it every morning religiously. My ever-so-trusty Kiehls moisturiser has been gathering dust, and put back on the skincare shelf.

It took me a while to choose which one to pick up as there are three different versions. I picked up the normal to combination as my skin can be very dry but also I have oily areas. There is also a normal to dry and dry and sensitive versions within the range.

My thoughts on this overall are very positive, I would give it a 8/10. It is a product which for the first time in a long time I thought I love this, and it actually does the job. It instantly feels cool and refreshing on the skin, which is delightful. It makes my skin feel hydrated. The texture is the stand out feature to this, it is so lightweight, a thin fluid consistency which is not sticky or greasy. The scent is nothing too overpowering, but I can definitely smell hints of the aloe coming through.

With this range they have taken inspiration from Asian skincare, which we all know is where our must have skincare products come from, and they are always one step ahead of everyone else. They say it is refreshing as water and as hydrating cream, and I think this is a fab description. I sometimes find that my main problem with moisturisers is that they are either too thick in consistency, or that it does not add the amount of moisture which my skin requires. It contains two main ingredients which is what L'Oreal are saying are the stand out factors to making this such a unique product. The first is pure aloe vera sap which contains essentials minerals, the second is hyaluronic acid which can hold 1,000 times its weight in water.

I use this every morning, on the packaging it says to use every morning and night alone or after your serum, and apply one pump to your face and neck. I really like the pump feature, but I feel like I definitely need at least 3-4 pumps just for my face. The pump does not give you a lot of product, which is great as you don't end up wasting ever, however this is the reason that I need a few pumps to cover my entire face.

Lastly, the packaging is simply gorgeous. I love the blue bottle and the metallic lid, it is a very simple design which is eye-catching. The bottle is glass, so is quite heavy meaning it is not going to be great for travelling. This is currently still on an introductory offer in Boots for £6.66 which is such great value. It is going to be £9.99 full price, which is still a bargain. For the first time in ages, I can say if you are wanting a new refreshing, light, cooling moisturiser for the summer to get your skin hydrated - give this a go.


Sunday, 11 June 2017

Losing love for blogging

I have never before felt so demotivated to blog in my life ever. I started my blog well over three and a half years ago, as I was intrigued into what the blogging world had to offer. I was so excited and I remember doing my first blog post confused as to what I had just done, but then at the same time I was bursting with excitement. I thought you had to blog everyday, I thought that was how it worked! I quickly got myself into a schedule and have pretty much stuck with it ever since.

In 2017, I have definitely got into writing more and more lifestyle posts which I have really been loving. However, I feel like most of them have been regarding the blogging community. Just recently I wrote a post called called is blogging dead?. This was sparked by that cosmo interview which questions the reliability and over saturation of what the blogging community now is. I feel like there has been a lot of negativity recently, and I'm really not enjoying it. I love how passionate people feel about blogging, and discussions about other relevant topics. However, sometimes I log on and see some comments and discussions and I often think do I really want to still be a part of this. I feel like I have been getting these vibes for a while off a few of my fave bloggers who are feeling similar. I've seen a few saying they are slowing down with Instagram due to a lack of engagement. I have never done well in Instagram and one of my 2017 goals was to try harder with it and I have done and have seen a very slight increase in followers. It isn't all about followers for me, it really isn't. But, it can be disheartening and you can find yourself loosing the enthusiasm you once had, when you hard work is not slightly paying off.

I started my blog in my first year of uni and in my last year when I seriously struggling to juggle everything I felt like packing it in for good. I was so gutted and felt incredibly disappointed in myself at missing posts. I was putting out content because I felt I had to, rather than because I wanted to. I was determined not go off my schedule. I have been working full time now for 9 months and I thought with my shifts I would have so much more time to blog. That simply hasn't been the case. I am really struggling to motivate myself. I have done posts previously on how to get back on your game when your struggling, but this time I'm not sure whether I am done for good. I hate to write that but I am just not feeling it at the moment. I think instead of having such a structured schedule, going forward for the moment I am going to just blog as and when I want and see how I go. I don't want to force myself to have to pump out content. I have found myself waking up thinking yes I'll blog today and on these days (which have been few and far between), I have reignited my love for blogging. But these days haven't been happening very much. I had a good old think as to why I was feeling like this but I just can't pin point the problem. Maybe it's negativity online, maybe it's the lack of engagement, maybe my love for blogging has simply gone. Who knows? But that's for me to find out.

I am really hoping I find the spark within me again which has written over 480 posts over the years.. I don't want to just pack it in and not give myself the chance. I know I have to give it a few months and then decide whether I will continue to blog or pack it in for good. If anyone has been feeling like this themselves please let me know. I think I am going to try and find a new style to my posts and pictures and I think maybe branching out from beauty a little more may help. I am going to be easy going with it and see if this is what I am needed.


Friday, 9 June 2017

The roundup for May

I have been wanting to include some kind of dedication to all of the victims, friends and families of the Manchester attack, but I have not been sure the best way to go about it. As I write this today is my first day back writing blog posts. The events which occurred are absolutely horrific and unimaginable. I am just so happy that the city which I live in, has come together and managed to provide help and raise an amazing amount of funds for everyone involved. I also want to send love to everyone also involved in the London attacks. I am toying with the idea of getting a bee tattoo, as you know probably know I am an a&e nurse and I was actually on shift the night the Manchester attack took place, therefore we got patients in needing treatment. I think it would be amazing to get a tattoo representing the unity and community which has been demonstrated. I have never been over amored with wanting a tattoo, so I am still deciding if I definitely want it or not.

I feel like May has become a bit of a blur due to the tragic events. However, the start of the month was great on the 2nd May I went to see Bruno Mars, and he was incredible - he definitely puts on a show. I went to Nottingham on a trip with my uni friends and it was fabulous. We started in the Hilton hotel and went for a big night out which was great. We had a lovely spa day in the morning, and it was just great to be able to catch up, and take our minds off the hustle and bustle of work.

It was also my mums birthday on the 19th and I really wanted to spoil her. Me and my sister bought her a fitbit which she loved, and I took her to Slattery's, which is a lovely local patisserie. I invited my grandparents along on the morning of her birthday and it was just a joyous morning. That night we had managed to get tickets to go and see Take That on their tour in Manchester and it was amazing, and most importantly she had a fabulous time. 

This month I have felt as though work has definitely got in the way of life. I worked every weekend and I hate that feeling of missing out. I have lots of things to look forward to in June and a few weekends off! We have also had a hard month at work, but working in such a lovely team makes an enormous.

All in all I glad to see the back of May and I happy that June has arrived. Although, that means that we are half way through the year where the hell is 2017 going?!.


Sunday, 28 May 2017

Is blogging dead?

This week for the first time in 3 and a half years since starting my blog, I have taken a full week off blogging mainly due to really just not wanting to post. Tonight for the first time all week I have felt inspired to blog, and then I stumbled across an article online by a blogger in Cosmopolitan which really got my thinking.

The blogging community has had its fair share of negativity recently, there are no doubts. I blog for a hobby and so does thousands of other bloggers. For some of us it isn’t all about making money. So many people have blogs for a hobby and it's not about it being 'saturated with those wanting freebies and money'. For me, my day to day job couldn't be further apart from blogging, but that's what I like a different outlet for me to channel and talk about things I love in a community which I am proud to be part of.

This got me thinking is the blogging world really dead? Is everyone really a blogger these days? I don't know how many thousands of bloggers there are out there probably millions if I think about it, but is that such a negative thing? Is there really no space left for any bloggers in this industry? These are the questions which I have never really thought about. Since the end of 2013 when I was welcomed into the blogosphere, I have loved pretty much 99% of my experience blogging. I came into it open minded and not a clue what to do. I loved reading blogs and seeing what everyone was buying and being introduced into an online community. 

However, how many of your favourite bloggers who you were reading when you first started out are still blogging regularly now? So many of the 'bigger' bloggers who I was reading when I first started now only post monthly, if ever. They have moved on to bigger and better, to the places which are YouTube and Instagram. Maybe blogging is really dying then. A few months ago the whole fiasco with a fake tanning company saying that bloggers are no longer reliable. I think some blogger are unfortunately in it for the freebies, but I think this is mainly newbie’s who are seeing lots of #ads all over social media, and want a piece of the action too. This is until they start and realise, shit this really isn't that easy. Now I am all for making money and receiving freebies from brands. So many of us work our socks off and why shouldn't we receive a nice fancy press release package everyone once in a while when you have promoted their brand for free tirelessly. But, the difference is many of us don't expect it. We are really excited and proud when we get approached that a brand wants to collaborate or send us something. 

I know it must be frustrating for bloggers when others are copying your exact style and photos. Its true there is no individuality in that. Maybe they are aspiring to be like others, but are going about it the very wrong way. That's what I love about blogging and all social media outlets seeing someone's individuality within their posts. I love stumbling across new blogs and Instagram feeds who have beautiful photos. 

The Instagram bots fiasco recently has also not helped the blogging community, when people are buying fake followers. You can't help but understand why people are when you've got reality TV stars buying followers. I think bloggers are so much more authentic and still a reliable source for people to turn too. That's what people want, to read something whether it be a new beauty product which they have wanted to try, or an outfit which you think wow I would never of put that together. It's from someone who is similar to them, it's relatable. I am included in chats with some brilliant bloggers who share similar views. We are here to blog, to maybe escape something. Just tonight my Instagram chat we have all been spreading love and it's just so nice to have people to talk to who blog too.

Everyone started with their own blog and those who have made it in to careers may not want to blog anymore, that's their choice but maybe they aren't part of the community anymore. However, the blogging community is very much alive. You are always going to have those who faking, cheating and trolling, bringing a bad name to the community. Just writing this post I've come to the conclusion the blogging community is very much still alive, and I for one will continue blogging. 



Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Colourpop Haul

I recently got sucked in by yet another Colourpop deal and before I knew a parcel was waiting for me. This is my 5th Colourpop haul as I simply cannot get enough.

When you bought two eyeshadows, you got a free eyeshadow brush of your choice. I choose the shader brush, I bought this as it will be great for packing on the eyelid highly pigmented products.

I picked up two eyeshadows, the first being la la which is a shiny copper shade which I was instantly drawn to. I also picked up the shade so quiche, which has a slightly olive undertone but still has gold as its mains component. This are both ultra-glitter formulas which if you like shimmer and sparkle these are for you. In previous Colourpop hauls (here, here, here and here) you can see that I have picked up a variety of different finishes in their super shock eyeshadows. These eyeshadows have a creme formula which are super easy to apply to the eyelid. I usually just pat them on with my finger, or blend them with my fluffy brush to create a less intense look. What I love about these is you can get the glitter, shine and glitz without the fallout of a standard pressed shadow.

I picked up finder's keepers which is from their new ultra gloss lip line. This is definitely a high-shine gloss which is comfortable on the lips, but these have great pigmentation. This shade is a deep rose pink with some mauve tonnes. I like that this is not glittery, just adding shine to the lips making them look fuller and more plump.

I have been wanting to pick up dopey since it launched, it has been a best seller and has always previously been sold out. This is a gorgeous medium purple toned shade which still has some pink undertones, which keeps it from being too dark for my liking and colourings. The ultra satin finishes are just as pigmented as the matte finishes but contains emollients to keep your lips hydrated. This colour is stunning and it is definitely one which I have been reaching for often.

I instantly fell in love when I ordered a lippie stix on the whim in my last order, and I have been loving it since. I ordered the shade lumiere which is part of Kathleen Lights collection. It is a dusty mauve pink which has a matte finish. If you are making your first Colourpop order I recommend trying these out as they are great. They are hydrating, super easy to apply and most importantly instantly pigmented. A classic one swipe and go product.



Sunday, 21 May 2017

Kylie Cosmetics x KKW

(Kimberly, Kim, Kiki and Kimmie)

I made a late night order in the first release of the Kylie Cosmetics x KKW. As always I got caught up in the hype, but I have definitely learnt with these launches to make sure they are going to be used. Her products belong between high street and high end and I think all round they are well priced. This collection is in collaboration with Kim Kardashian and is built around her favourite nude shades, which is what she is classically known for.

The set contains 4 shades which for me when I first saw swatches I did not think that they were classic Kim Kardashian nude shades. She has a darker much olive toned skintone than myself and she seems to go for darker nudes which are much more brown toned rather than pink, which is what this line seemed to edging towards.

The most nude shade of all is Kimberly which is definitely her kind of classic shade, which she made famous. I was unsure whether this would suit me as I am much fairer and paler in skintone. It took me a while to get used to this on me as I do not usually ever wear this kind of colour. It is definitely a great everyday shade and one which you can put in your handbag and will know will pretty much such whatever you are wearing and your look.

Kim is the shade which I think I will get the least use out of. It has a peach undertone to it which usually suits my colouring, however it's a little too peachy and washes me out a little bit. This would definitely look beautiful on darker skintones as it would stand out more. I also found that this was the stickiest of them all and clung a little bit to the inside of my lips.

Kiki is a light pinky shade which instantly I would call a rosy pink. This complements my colourings beautifully. I have been really loving wearing this with a simply golden sparkly eye and this is definitely the one I grab for a classic everyday shade. This is a classic spring/summer shade which many brands bring out.

Kimmie is my favourite of all in the set. When I first saw the swatches which Kylie put up I thought this was going to be really dark, too dark to suit me. I have to say I don't think this is a more of a classic Kim nude shade. This has a much darker pink with a hint of brown undertone which I love. It really compliments my colouring, and this is the only one which I think would suit everyone. I also think this a great my lips but better shade for myself. It's a little darker than what I would normally I go for, but it makes my lips look naturally more plump and full of life.

There is no doubting that this formula is comfortable on the lips, it is silky smooth and I like this feature a lot. There is no scent or taste to these which I am also a fan of. The pay off is quite sheer, but it offers a good amount of coverage. I would not use this as a mixture with another liquid lipstick as I think this is too much due to the pigmentation and these having a slightly sticky finish. You can build these up if you like, but I mainly just use one swipe. If I want a little more coverage I usually blot my lips slightly and they apply another layer, this prevents any gathering or the formula becoming too thick and uncomfortable.

I am used to wearing liquid lipsticks and Kylie herself have stated due to the creme texture the wear is different. I think I am so used to having a budge-proof liquid lipstick, with these they last until you eat or drink. I have worn these out and as soon as I have had a meal or drink there has been barely a trace of any product left on my lips. This is definitely a big down fall. These really remind me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipglosses as they are much thicker than a lipgloss and are highly pigmented, but do not have the standard staying power of a liquid lipstick.

For $45 you get the bundle of 4 different creme lipsticks. When you break this down $11.25 per product is pretty decent value. When converted into English pounds and paying the £15 royal mail fee it came to a overall total of £60, so £15 each. I think this a good set and I am glad I have it in my collection. However, due to the longevity issue I am not sure I will be in a rush to be purchasing any more shades if she releases further products in this line.



Friday, 19 May 2017

Jouer Rose Gold Glitter Lip Topper

As always I got caught up in the craze and before I knew it I was the proud owner of the Jouer Rose Gold Glitter Lip Topper. I have been wanting to try something from Jouer forever as I have heard some many great things about them. I have been loving anything in the form of a liquid lipstick since they landed with a bang on the beauty scene. However, I do like to go back to good old lipsticks and lipglosses, and I did not think that was too badly priced at £13.50.

I first applied this over the top of a lipstick and I was instantly impressed by the pigmentation. With one layer I had an equal application of gloss over my lips. It feels smooth and there is a slight tackiness to the gloss. If you don't like scents to a gloss this is definitely not for you. It has a very strong toasted marshmallow scent which you can smell as soon as you pull out the lip wand. However, when applied to the lips the taste is a little different, and I don't think it is one everyone will love. This is very moisturising on the lips which is down to the Vitamin E which it contains, which is an added bonus as it feels super soft and silky on my lips.

I think this is great to wear alone as a rosy gold shimmer but also as a top coat to add more glitz and glam to your lips. It also buildable which is great so you can go in with two or three coats if you want to without it collecting or becoming uncomfortable. So far when using this I have added just one layer, as the pigmentation in this is seriously beautiful and I have never had a lipgloss like this before. It has a mixture of pink, silver and gold glitters which produces a gorgeous combination which is mainly rose gold, but the hint of silver can be seen when it catches the light. I like that this is not too dark, as I think this will work with any shade of lipstick if you did want to use it as a topper. The doe-foot applicator allows an equal and even application of gloss all over the lips. Jouer has done a brilliant job with this and it is everything which I wanted it to be. If you like glitter and gloss you need this.


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Life after university

I thought I would write a post all about life after university. For me, this time last year I was on my last placement unsure and anxious about what the future held. It can be one of the most unsure periods of time in your life, like you are literally leaping into the unknown. It has to be the scariest time of my life. Not only was I moving two hours back home, but also for the first time ever I was having a full time job which came with a lot of responsibility. I would love to have read a blog post from someone who was simply there to tell me everything will be okay, and this is what this post is for.

I cannot even tell you how fast the last 9 months have flown by, it has been ridiculous. I feel like a lot of things fly by, but being back  at university and not living in my hometown feels like a lifetime ago. However, on the other hand I feel as though I have now only been in my job about 4 months if I am totally honest. Everything feels like it has been a whirlwind, but an exciting one. I know it gets to that stage in the year when you are at uni and you just cannot wait to finish. Me and my friends all had countdowns on our calendars as we were just all so ready to finish, and finally be able to earn and not have to attend lectures.

I can in fact tell you that when I received my first pay, it was actually such a refreshing and proud moment. I did not particularly have anything I wanted, but that feeling that you have earned that cash for me is very fulfilling. I still feel like this 9 pay packages on, I hope I never get to the point where I am not proud of what I have earned. Before the pay packages come, the finding a job has to come first. In the industry which I am in there is a lot of competition for jobs, but also a wide range of jobs choices to choose from. I think this was the scariest bit for me, thinking about all of the time and effort which I had put in throughout my time at university but not having any job to go into at the end is a gut wrenching feeling. Having this determination to succeed and secure a job was definitely helpful when not only applying but interviewing for jobs. I found that I was able to passionately talk about why I wanted the job, as that was genuinely how I felt. I received a job offer for the job which I am not in around May last year and finished university in July, but I did not officially start until September. Throughout this period of time I was so excited, but also a bag of nerves.

The pay to me is a bonus, job satisfaction is the reason I get up and go to work. I think within my first few weeks I went to bed every night thinking why on earth have I chosen to work here. I was constantly doubting myself and I had many sleepless night. However, I hope this helps in saying I think you have to go through these tough times. You have to step up, prove yourself and battle on. Winter is the busiest time in hospitals so I was thrown into the deep end, but that definitely did my good. About 3 months into the job, I thought to myself one day you are doing this and your doing okay, and that is what made me dig deeper to prove to my team that I am a valued member. I still go into work thinking what the hell will today hold, and that is what excites me. I will go into my job everyday thinking this, and when that excitement fizzles out I have always told myself that will be when I consider moving out.

The team. Every single person who I have worked with has made me feel totally welcome. I know this is the not the case for some, and I dread to think why someone wishes to not welcome a new work colleague when we have all been there as the newbie. Having someone to confidentially ask questions to is a massive help, because come on we are always going to need to ask questions. I would suggest asking as many as possible when you first start, it shows enthusiasm. Going into a new job, fresh out of university acting as if you know everything is going to turn heads. People feel passionate about standards and have worked hard to build a great team, and also in my case a great department, and they want to continue in that direction. I really enjoy work, I don't particularly love the early starts but you've got to take the good with the bad, and I honestly do not believe that there is a perfect job out there for everyone. What there is though, is jobs which are going to make you feel fulfilled.


Sunday, 14 May 2017

Makeup on my face

Since I recently organised my makeup I have been having a great time rediscovering my makeup collection. You can read a little further all about this in my shop your stash post here. I have been having a ball of a time recently and there are a few products which I have been reaching for a little more than others.

I have had the LA Girl Pro.coverage foundation in my possession for a while. However, I have been using the L'Oreal infallible full coverage on a daily basis, but it is a little drying on my skin. I will always reach for a liquid over cream type foundation if I can and that is exactly the reason why I have been loving this from LA Girl. This is a full coverage foundation which I love using with both a brush and beautyblender. The only down side is that this is a little too dark for my skin at the moment as it always hard to judge swatches when you are not able to look at it yourself in a store. 

I have not really heard too much hype regarding the Seventeen stay time concealer unless I have been on a different planet. I have been using this as an under eye concealer in the shade very fair and it has been doing the job beautifully adding light and radiance to my under eye area, without it looking cakey. It wears really well throughout the day and I am going to buy this in a slightly darker shade and put it to the test on my problematic areas. 

MAC studio fix concealer was an absolute favourite of mine for years when I first started wearing makeup. It is a full coverage and I use it to cover my problematic areas and I really like it. It is definitely full coverage and has quite a thick consistency which for once is what I enjoy about this.

Finding my MAC blush in Stereorose is the best thing which has come out of my makeup reorganisation. I used this routinely when I first got it, and at the moment I have been using it daily once again. It is such a beautiful pink shade which has golden glitter running through it. It looks amazing on the skin and it flatters my cheeks wonderfully.

I recently took the splurge and bought the Benefit goof proof brow pencil in the full size, and I am so glad I did as it is a really great eyebrow pencil and one of the best products which Benefit has brought out in a long while. I like the slightly waxy texture of the product and it applies very easy throughout my brows. It is also a great bonus that this comes with a spoolie as I always like to make sure that I brush the product through my brows.


Friday, 12 May 2017

Shopping your stash

Recently as part of my bedroom declutter which has been taking place, one of my first priorities was getting my makeup in order. I wanted it to be on display where I could see everything clearly and easily to grab for easy access. I bought the Alex/Linnmon desk from Ikea which I absolutely adore. It is perfect for if you have not got lots of space, but you want a makeup desk and drawers to hold your makeup collection. I am going to do a whole post on the contents of my drawers in the near future.

I have to say since that having everything organised in my Muji containers and these copper baskets which I have to say both fit into my drawer perfectly, it has allowed me to literally shop my own collection. I have found so many products which I used to love, which has been gathering dust as I simply could not get too. Having everything organised and to hand makes life so much easier. I found that I was in a rut of using the same products day in day out. This new set up allows me to browse everything which I own, and at such ease.

I wake up a 6.30am for work and I cannot explain how nice it has been to have all my makeup displayed in order in my drawers, and to hand. I keep my base products - primers, foundations and concealers in the top drawer. The second homes all things powders - face powders, bronzers, blushers and highlighters. The third is where all my lip products life in all their different forms. The fourth and fifth are the biggest drawers. In the top one I keep all my palettes and extras such as eyelashes and tools, and in the bottom I keep all my skincare things which I do not use on a daily basis. The copper baskets which you can see the picture were exactly what I was looking for for a long time, I was super happy when I saw them on the shelves of Primark for just £3! They are perfect and I have four of them in total, they are a perfect way to display your products.

From this post my main message was really just try and organise your collection, and before you think that you are needing something new maybe shop your own stash as you will be surprised at what you will find. If your makeup collection is large, I suggest rotating your products which you have on display. When I started rediscovering my old products it was really exciting as I felt as though as I had been on some major shopping spree and had lots of new products to now play with. It is also a great way to get inspiration for new blog posts as I have come up with lots of new ideas.


Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Not being too hard on yourself

I write this on a Monday afternoon after the busiest week of 2017 so far. Last week, I had so much going I managed to write one post and take a few Instagram pictures. I have had times before where I have been behind on my blogging, at one time or another. One thing I have learnt is sometimes, everyone needs to take some of their own advice. I can definitely take too much on my shoulders, and I sit here today with my to do list which I made at 8am this morning thinking about how I am going to get everything in.

I blog, because I like blogging - simple as that. I think we have all had times where we have been too hard on ourselves when it comes to our blogs. However, this does not make it any easier when you are facing a tough time with your schedule and work/life balance. Last week was the first time in years since I started my blog where I have only published one blog post in one week. Occasionally, when I get super busy I go down to two. But, having just one post up and nothing to put on Instagram made me feel incredibly rubbish. I am not one to just shove out content, and I did actually have some post ideas which I had brainstormed previously, but having the time to write a post or take photos was proving too difficult.

I think sometimes we do need to have a little break, and it actually did me the world of good without me realising. Today, I woke up with some many fresh ideas, I made a list of 10 posts which I want to write within the space of 15 minutes. I hate when you are having dreaded bloggers block, and you feel like you are having to force out ideas. I feel that this shows in how you write your posts, and it comes across to your readers. Having a few days off from everything, made me come back with feeling fresh and ready to go.

Sometime in the moment, which for me was those few days at the end of last week things can seem 10x worse at the time. Reflecting on it, it was only me really who was disappointed in myself, and I really need to learn to let it go a little easier. I think having some healthy competition was yourself can be brilliant as it can help you strive to achieve, and then you are seeing results for all the hard one work which you have put in.

All I am saying is we need to be a little more gentle with ourselves. Being tough and hard, only leads to more stress. I know that from now on, if I am really struggling with managing my blog content I am going to try my best not to let it get to me as much as it has before. If you take the fun out of blogging what are we left with. The answer for me is not very much.


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